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We solve problems with strategy and innovation, by Design
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Curious about Design Thinking and how it could help solve your organization's problems?  Want to learn more about how we can help train and facilitate sessions so you can experiment in a low-risk environment?  Click here


We specialize in Design Thinking to be a catalyst for innovative change and creative solutions. By supporting leaders and their teams, they discover the right problems to solve and how best to solve them.

We bring Design Thinking, professional coaching, consulting and facilitation to organizations to help them get done what is most important.


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We would love to connect with you about how Innoveate can be a catalyst in your world. 

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"Their ability to ask critical questions, model design thinking, and help us get over the finish line was more powerful professionally and personally because of their presence and guidance."
Rosalind S., Director
"We learned things from our target audience we would never have dreamed of that turned into game changes for our customers’ experience the day of the event.  And, I have to say, it was a fun process!"
Melissa A.
Senior Leader, HR Consulting
Working with Innoveate has been easy, exciting, and insightful.  Everyone is very warm and easy to work with, and the workshops were fast-paced, creative, and interactive.  I look forward to the opportunity to partner with Innoveate again. 
Adam S., Vice President
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