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Janet Mahrle
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Janet has a unique blend of expertise in leadership, innovation, facilitating change, team performance, and 20+ years of personal senior leadership experience. Her specialties are leadership development, Design Thinking, and helping leaders navigate complicated and complex problems – and determine the right problems to solve. 

She enjoys a reputation of being engaging, lighthearted, and inspirational with her clients. Rising leaders to C-Suite executives experience her ability to help them realize their personal and organizational goals.
Brad Mahaney
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Brad's career has been spent within the Investment Management and Financial Services Industry, with over 26 years working in Project Management. He has extensive experience providing project management, oversight and project sponsorship on large, complex, global system-related implementations utilizing various forms of technology.  

Brad is a certified coach, where he is credentialed member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).   He provides professional coaching to people ranging from those who have recently entered the workforce to senior management and executives. He also facilitates group coaching, Design Thinking sessions and organizational training and development programs.
Candice Morgan
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Candice Morgan found the outlets for her talents in design and coaching.  After her decade plus in corporate finance, she is leveraging her affinity for humans to help bring clarity and progress to individuals and organizations.  She is a sometimes coach and full-time business manager for a software development company.  Candice is the founder of Anchored Coaching and has a certification in Design Thinking from IDEO.
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